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T's Prime Hubb™ Glucose Control System

T's Prime Hubb™ Glucose Control System

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“I purchased these socks to wear around the house to minimize the likelihood of falling. They filled the bill perfectly”

Greg Trevor. - Verified Customer

Glucose Control System

Introducing our Glucose Control System with the latest magnetic technology. Protect your health by keeping your glucose levels in check. Experience immediate relief, improved circulation, reduced swelling, and enhanced insulin production. Recommended by experts with no side effects. Take control of your well-being today

Foot Warming:

The glucose Control System automatically heat up, massage the acupuncture points on the feet when they are hot, relieves leg fatigue, regulates the nervous system, and eliminates the moisture, smell, and swelling of the legs, thereby regulating blood circulation.

Intimate Design:

Our men's and women's magnetic socks fit the curve of the foot, making the hot spot close to the sole skin, comfortable and not clumsy. Exquisite toe closure technology, high sewing strength, comfortable, warm, and durable.

Non-Slip Design: 

Self-heating foot warmer socks with sticky points on the bottom of the non-slip yoga socks, let our neutral anti-skid socks provide better grip, stability, and balance.

Size Selection:

Glucose Control System One Size for Men and Women. These super elastic and stretchable heated socks, one size fit unisex adults. The bottom of the sock is combined with an ergonomic design.


Outdoor Essentials:

Keep your feet warm in cold weather. Perfect for mountaineering, skiing, winter fishing, jogging, winter hunting, biking, hiking, ice hockey, snow shoveling, and more. It will warm the soles of your feet in cold winters.


Condition: 100% new & high quality

Material: Polyester cotton

Weight: 40g

Type: Healthcare socks

Product Includes:

1 X 3 Pair Glucose Control System

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