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T's Prime Hubb™ Sneakers Outsole Sole Protector

T's Prime Hubb™ Sneakers Outsole Sole Protector

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“The product is good and very durable and does not wear very easily. It helps prevent my shoes from having the heels worn unevenly which is the reason I bought them, Highly recommended”

Hanzel J. - Verified Customer

Sneakers Outsole Sole Protector

Introducing the Sneakers Outsole Sole Protector, the ultimate solution for keeping your shoe soles protected and enhancing traction. This anti-slip rubber sole sticker is designed to provide durability and wear resistance, extending the lifespan of your favorite sneakers.

The Sneakers Outsole Sole Protector is made from a high-quality rubber material that offers excellent grip and traction. It effectively prevents slips and skids, ensuring a safer walking experience on various surfaces, including wet or slippery ones.


We all know the shoe heel part wears most quickly, especially for young people who love sports. And a pair of nice sneakers with worn heels is really frustrating. These shoe sole protectors not only protect shoes from wearing but also extend shoes' life and make up for their appearance. This is such a small investment with a big reward counting its price and the price of your expensive sneakers.


This version has made a great improvement in heep pads' adhesivity. Our version 1 is popular among young friends but the pad may gradually peel off through time and dust. Some customers advise that if a stronger glue is used, this product will be really amazing. Gladly we are on the same page and that's why we bring this here. As stylish as before, but more durable and last long.


Premium material, together with various colors, beautiful patterns, and designs make the sole repair plates suitable for all occasions. The same color is perfect for invisible protection for shoe heels while a brave different color adds a special and personalized feeling to your cool sneakers. Moreover, these sole plate pads adopt high-quality rubber which is soft and comfortable you won't feel anything weird or any noise when wearing them. It's just like part of your shoes.


Material: Rubber

Color: Black, White, Transparent

Size: As the picture shown

(1 inch = 25.4mm or 1mm = 0.0393 inch)


These Sneakers Outsole Sole Protectors are perfectly designed for Air Ordan shoes, besides that, they can also be used as sole protectors for other sneakers, leather shoes, and casual shoes which have flat soles. Meanwhile, these Sneakers Outsole Sole Protectors are totally quiet, they can impressively help with reducing noises from some hard-heeled shoes if quiet walking is wanted.


1 Pair of Sneakers Outsole Sole Protector


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