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T's Prime Hubb™ StepRelief - Silicon Hell Pad

T's Prime Hubb™ StepRelief - Silicon Hell Pad

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"These are so amazing for cracked heels. It has a very good quality material and also fits every size of foot. Very easy to use and can be worn anywhere at any time.Very smooth and very soft.Loved it!"

Rica Smith. - Verified Customer

StepRelief - Silicon Hell Pad

Take the initial stride toward a life liberated from heel discomfort, where every step becomes a passage to relief, rejuvenation, and vitality. Embrace a fresh era of comfort and well-being with our Silicone Gel Pad, ingeniously designed and incorporating advanced silicone technology to precisely target sore spots like heels, arches, and Achilles tendons.

Its consistent cushioning and support grant you the freedom to move without impediment, whether strolling or engaging in vigorous activities, leaving foot pain behind and allowing you to relish unrestricted mobility.


Protect your feet - The silicone back heel protector can protect the heel from painful stimulation, bone spurs, shoe pain, blisters, calluses, and dryness caused by cracking, and helps with plantar fasciitis and foot pain relief. Provides gel protection for the sole of the feet, providing wearers with sole protection and unrivaled comfort.

High-quality raw materials

It is made of highly elastic, durable, heat-resistant, aging-resistant, silicone material, which is more soft and comfortable, and will not deform after long-term use.

Relieve heel pain

It is most suitable for relieving heel pain, reducing heel pressure, reducing shock and reducing pressure, repairing dry and chapped skin, moisturizing and moisturizing.

Unique heel fit design

The vent design on the heel cup can keep your feet breathable and comfortable. The heel cover provides more comfort, support, and reliability for your entire sole.

Easy to use and reusable

The breathable heel cup is made of silicone material and is easy to clean with warm water. You can put somebody's powder before use for more comfort.


Product Name: Heel Protection Sleeve

Product Material: Silica gel

Product Color: White, Skin color

Product Size: 10*8 cm/3.94*3.15 inch


1 pair  StepRelief - Silicon Hell Pad


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